Christopher Bowers: Lens Based Art

About Christopher Bowers

Christopher Bowers was born and raised on a cul-de-sac in suburban Central Massachusetts. His childhood home had two apple trees in the backyard and concord grape vines on the side yard. He attended a technical high school, studied digital media and designed the athletic team’s logo. In 2009—despite taking the long program—Christopher was kindly awarded a B.S. in photography from The New England Institute of Art.

Christopher’s photography has graced the fine walls of galleries such as The Photographic Resource Center in Boston and The New England Institute of Art’s Gallery 303 in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Aside from making photographs, Christopher also teaches photography when he can, rides bikes, drinks loose leaf tea, is an early adopter of cutting edge technology, believes all cars should have a manual transmission and is terrified of losing his eyesight.

Past lives have found Christopher toiling as a graphic designer, video editor, and web designer.

Christopher recollects and remixes different versions of his story in front of a Mac in Massachusetts’ capital city Boston, where the climate is ever-changing, bike lanes are in short supply and his family are within arm’s reach.